Sidecar Doughnuts

Sidecar Doughnuts, Santa Monica

Imagine a world with doughnuts, okay that can be done! BUT imagine a world without Sidecar Doughnuts, well that is pretty tough! 

We first heard about SD on Instagram, like most people find places nowadays. We were orginally put off by the price but as we have soon learnt, in LA you have to pay above the norm for decent grub! 

They have a big selection for you to choose from, with a monthly flavor. This months was a Mexican Hot Chocolate. We chose this one, the Butter + Sea Salt, Huckleberry and Maple Bacon. THEY WERE SO YUMMY! The total came to around $15 which isn't horrendous, I guess we just know that there are plenty of cheaper donut finds in LA. They also have a coffee offering which goes hand in hand with your doughnut. 

We would certainly recommend Sidecar to you guys! 



Mediterranean Food Company

Mediterranean Food Company

322 Tuam St, Christchurch, New Zealand

A lunchtime visit to this lovely cafe is highly recommended. The cafe is joined on to a market area, where you can buy a range of authentic Mediterranean foods and wine. 

The lunchtime menu gives choices of pasta, risotto and salad dishes, and has a large range of pizzas, plus a "blackboard specials" menu.

I ordered a Calabrese pizza, my friend ordered a Prosciutto e funghi pizza, and my sister ordered a Mediterranean Salad from the "blackboard specials" menu, which included halloumi, beetroot and pear.
The pizzas were authentic oven fired pizzas, with a lovely thin base ... just like the real-deal in Italy! They were full of flavour and not too top heavy with toppings ... just the right combination! The salad was a healthy portion and was served with slices of ciabatta bread. We decided to celebrate this get together with a bottle of Prosecco ... seemed appropriate given the setting we were in!

The cafe has indoor and outdoor seating, and quickly filled up with a lunchtime crowd! The service was friendly and attentive, and we were never made to feel we had to "finish up and leave" ... in fact, we stayed for over 2 hours, enjoying the food, atmosphere, wine and conversation!

Definitely worth a visit when in Christchurch!


Tracy @ oh my GRUB


You slowly stumble across Bruxie as you wonder down 3rd Street Santa Monica. It doesn't automatically catch your eye but it is usually always fairly busy. The atmosphere is always great with a general buzz of conversation and the interior look is great!

The menu is majority fried chicken based with the ever so common accomplishment of a waffle. On our most recent visit we didn't actually go for the "Original Chicken & Waffles" instead we tried the twist of BBQ Pulled Pork & Waffles! It was just as good! Possibly even a little more tasty!

We also went for there Tenders and Waffle Fries (we get this every time). They are a winner! We find the way they fry the chicken is just so much nicer than your typical fried chicken shop! 

In terms of locations I think they are starting to form a good number of stores so for your sake I hope they build one near you soon! It is definitely worth a try! 


Hummus Bar Express

This place is a bit of a hidden gem in the heart of 3rd street Santa Monica. Serving a selection of Mediterranean dishes. We love this spot as it is easy to order, fairly quick for your food to be ready and then the food is great! 

We ordered a Middle Eastern Kebab Laffa, which is pretty much exactly that. You then pick 5 items that are included in your Laffa which is pretty cool! These items range from Turkish Salad to french fries. We chose Hummus, Tahini, Salad, Onions with turmeric and then pickles on the side. 

They have a really nice outside patio which is great for people watching but if you don't want to eat in the heat then they have indoor seating also. 

We have been going here for years and every time we go we can always guarantee a great meal! 



Aussie Pie Kitchen

oh my PIE!!

Okay, so this post might be a little bit biased just because of how good Grubs experience was! Being born in England and brought up in the north of England, Pie's were a very big part of my childhood/life. 

Since I moved to the US, I have struggled to find an establishment that delivers a good pie. A good pie being a nice firm pastry that doesn't get soggy whenever a little bit of liquid touches it. A good pie being a nice filling that then compliments the sides and the gravy. 

Well AUSSIE PIE KITCHEN congratulations, you have hit the spot in every way. Great staff, great atmosphere and most of all great food! They have around 6 different pies to choose from which you can then add sides too. We went for the BBQ Pulled Pork (with Mac & Cheese inside) then added the sweet potato mash and the mushroom gravy. We also ordered the Classic Aussie with side of Garlic Mash and the Minty Peas. We like to think we are foodie people so we chose the sides on what we thought would go well with the pie. I am sure though all the sides will go well with all the pies if you fancied changing it up a bit.

Another cool thing is they are open till 2:30am Monday-Saturday! We also got recommended to try their floater. Pea soup with the pie in the middle! Sounds AWESOME!! They guaranteed us that it was a perfect hangover cure! 

We were seriously impressed and it has almost became love at first sight. 

They are located on Main St in Santa Monica, CA. 



Diddy Riese - Westwood, LA

"Would you like to purchase 12 cookies for $2.50?"

So if you take the everyday humans 2 favorite sweet items and then you add them together what do you get? 

Cookies + Ice Cream = Diddy Riese

This place is a must go place when visiting LA! There is one key to visiting Diddy Riese though, GET THERE EARLY. On a weekend the queues go on for miles! It is SOOOO worth it though! 

Process starts by choosing your cookies. There are around 6 different types (they vary), this only encourages you to bring out your creative side as you can mix and match your cookie flavors! The fun doesn't stop there!! Once you have chosen your cookies, you then choose your ice cream. Again there are plenty of different flavors to choose from.

You still havent heard the best of it though... anybody want to take a guess at the price??


The value for money is just enormous! The final bit of sweet goodness that they then throw at you is you can buy yesterdays left over cookies! 12 for $2.50.

I would recommend this to anyone! Boys, its a perfect way to end a date night in the LA area ;) 




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The Refinery - Santa Monica

"We take coffee seriously, with a smile"

So my love for coffee has not always been the greatest, as a matter of fact it wasn't the greatest till about a month ago. You know when you taste something and then pretend to spit it out because it tastes that bad? Well that is exactly what I did every time I went near a cup of coffee. I believe that you can train yourself to enjoy things, so I set myself a task of training to enjoy coffee. 

I was failing miserably, up until I stumbled across this place. I say this, it did very nearly end badly within 5minutes. I sat down with my girlfriend to take our first sips of what we thought was a cold mocha... You remember that face I spoke about earlier when you don't like something? Well that happened, but the worst it has ever been. We later discovered that they had misheard our order and what we were in fact tasting was there strongest blend. Lesson learnt there!

What we love about this place is that it is very individual, people often say that Starbucks sets the bar at individuality. Well if you visit this place you will soon see their match. On our last visit the barista (who I am pretty sure works there every day) knew EVERY single person’s name in the line! It almost makes you want to go back again and again just so you can feel special because the barista remembered your name.

The interior is very minimalist which adds to the atmosphere of the place. It is all stripped back to make the emphasis on the coffee, which in all truthfulness is how it should be.

As I said previously I am not a coffee enthusiast but I can honestly say they do the best Mocha I have ever tried! In terms of menu it is very straightforward and if you go in the barista’s know their stuff so any questions you may have can always be answered!

They are located on Santa Monica Blvd, a minute or two walk from 3rd Street.

Check them out guys! Enjoy!


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