Diddy Riese - Westwood, LA

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"Would you like to purchase 12 cookies for $2.50?"

So if you take the everyday humans 2 favorite sweet items and then you add them together what do you get? 

Cookies + Ice Cream = Diddy Riese

This place is a must go place when visiting LA! There is one key to visiting Diddy Riese though, GET THERE EARLY. On a weekend the queues go on for miles! It is SOOOO worth it though! 

Process starts by choosing your cookies. There are around 6 different types (they vary), this only encourages you to bring out your creative side as you can mix and match your cookie flavors! The fun doesn't stop there!! Once you have chosen your cookies, you then choose your ice cream. Again there are plenty of different flavors to choose from.

You still havent heard the best of it though... anybody want to take a guess at the price??


The value for money is just enormous! The final bit of sweet goodness that they then throw at you is you can buy yesterdays left over cookies! 12 for $2.50.

I would recommend this to anyone! Boys, its a perfect way to end a date night in the LA area ;) 




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