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You slowly stumble across Bruxie as you wonder down 3rd Street Santa Monica. It doesn't automatically catch your eye but it is usually always fairly busy. The atmosphere is always great with a general buzz of conversation and the interior look is great!

The menu is majority fried chicken based with the ever so common accomplishment of a waffle. On our most recent visit we didn't actually go for the "Original Chicken & Waffles" instead we tried the twist of BBQ Pulled Pork & Waffles! It was just as good! Possibly even a little more tasty!

We also went for there Tenders and Waffle Fries (we get this every time). They are a winner! We find the way they fry the chicken is just so much nicer than your typical fried chicken shop! 

In terms of locations I think they are starting to form a good number of stores so for your sake I hope they build one near you soon! It is definitely worth a try!