The Refinery - Santa Monica

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"We take coffee seriously, with a smile"

So my love for coffee has not always been the greatest, as a matter of fact it wasn't the greatest till about a month ago. You know when you taste something and then pretend to spit it out because it tastes that bad? Well that is exactly what I did every time I went near a cup of coffee. I believe that you can train yourself to enjoy things, so I set myself a task of training to enjoy coffee. 

I was failing miserably, up until I stumbled across this place. I say this, it did very nearly end badly within 5minutes. I sat down with my girlfriend to take our first sips of what we thought was a cold mocha... You remember that face I spoke about earlier when you don't like something? Well that happened, but the worst it has ever been. We later discovered that they had misheard our order and what we were in fact tasting was there strongest blend. Lesson learnt there!

What we love about this place is that it is very individual, people often say that Starbucks sets the bar at individuality. Well if you visit this place you will soon see their match. On our last visit the barista (who I am pretty sure works there every day) knew EVERY single person’s name in the line! It almost makes you want to go back again and again just so you can feel special because the barista remembered your name.

The interior is very minimalist which adds to the atmosphere of the place. It is all stripped back to make the emphasis on the coffee, which in all truthfulness is how it should be.

As I said previously I am not a coffee enthusiast but I can honestly say they do the best Mocha I have ever tried! In terms of menu it is very straightforward and if you go in the barista’s know their stuff so any questions you may have can always be answered!

They are located on Santa Monica Blvd, a minute or two walk from 3rd Street.

Check them out guys! Enjoy!


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