Aussie Pie Kitchen

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oh my PIE!!

Okay, so this post might be a little bit biased just because of how good Grubs experience was! Being born in England and brought up in the north of England, Pie's were a very big part of my childhood/life. 

Since I moved to the US, I have struggled to find an establishment that delivers a good pie. A good pie being a nice firm pastry that doesn't get soggy whenever a little bit of liquid touches it. A good pie being a nice filling that then compliments the sides and the gravy. 

Well AUSSIE PIE KITCHEN congratulations, you have hit the spot in every way. Great staff, great atmosphere and most of all great food! They have around 6 different pies to choose from which you can then add sides too. We went for the BBQ Pulled Pork (with Mac & Cheese inside) then added the sweet potato mash and the mushroom gravy. We also ordered the Classic Aussie with side of Garlic Mash and the Minty Peas. We like to think we are foodie people so we chose the sides on what we thought would go well with the pie. I am sure though all the sides will go well with all the pies if you fancied changing it up a bit.

Another cool thing is they are open till 2:30am Monday-Saturday! We also got recommended to try their floater. Pea soup with the pie in the middle! Sounds AWESOME!! They guaranteed us that it was a perfect hangover cure! 

We were seriously impressed and it has almost became love at first sight. 

They are located on Main St in Santa Monica, CA.